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Tzu Chi Early Childhood is located at Tzu Chi Center, Pantai Indah Kapuk, North Jakarta. It was inaugurated on July 10, 2011 under Yayasan Buddha Tzu Chi Wiyata Indonesia. Our program are as follows:

  1. Nursery 1: 02 - 03 years
  2. Nursery 2: 03 - 04 years
  3. Kindergarten 1: 04 - 05 years
  4. Kindergarten 2: 05 - 06 years

In Early Childhood, we strive for holistic development including cognitive, creative, physical, social emotional of each individual student. But, equally important is our commitment to developing a strong values led education driven by the humanist example of the Tzu Chi Foundation’s originator: Master Cheng Yen.

We aim not only to develop an education of the mind but also one of the heart and soul combined. Each student has unique talents with the capacity to ‘make a positive difference’ in the world after they graduate. Our intention is to celebrate these talents and create an environment that allows every person to flourish achieving their true potential.

Tzu Chi Early Childhood applies a thematic approach to teaching and learning. It involves integrating all subject areas together under one theme. This approach enables the children to retain more information through its continuous process, interactive activities anddeeper exploration into a concept.

The curriculum follows the national curriculum and Ren Wen (humanistic education) curriculum. It is designed to develop the child holistically through activities focusing on the six aspects of learning namely: Social and Emotional, Cognitive, Language, Motor, Religious and Moral and Art. Each class uses different learning areas and movable classes to further enhance the children's skills.

Key Information

Academic Programs:
  • National Curriculum of Indonesia
  • Library
  • Swimming Pool
  • Outdoor Field
  • Science Laboratory
  • Music Studio
  • Educational Kitchen Facilities
  • Computer Laboratory
  • Health Clinic
  • Music Classes