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The Primary Curriculum aligns itself with the Singaporean Curriculum which focuses on the three learning domains: Life Skills, Knowledge Skills and Subject Based Learning which ensures the acquisition of knowledge and values and competencies to face the challenges of the 21st century.


The curriculum aims to develop the whole child, not just academic abilities. The focus is on equipping children with the necessary social skills and academic knowledge so that learning is engaging and meaningful and can be related to real life experiences. Teachers use student-centred approaches when planning lessons showing awareness of prior learning and assess pupils’ progress formally and informally. Inter-disciplinary projects feature in the curriculum and allow students to explore a range of questions using a cross-curricular approach.


The Primary Curriculum is subject based and the core subjects taught are English, Mathematics, Science and Chinese. In Lower Primary these subjects are taught by Form Teachers and in Upper Primary more subjects are taught by specialist teachers. Bahasa Indonesia is also an important part of the curriculum as well as Information and Communication Technology, Social Studies, Physical Education, Health Education, Arts and Crafts, Music, PPKN and Religion.


On completing the primary stage of education, we expect the students to understand and respond to a range of situations confidently and to have an awareness of the importance of respecting people from a range of cultures and countries. Students should understand the important of processes and systems and be able to apply their knowledge to a range of subjects, taking pride in their work and demonstrating that they are independent and confident learners. Students should be aware of the importance of their own nationality whilst thinking globally about a range of issues and their impact on the world. Students will know how to communicate effectively and work as a team and how to maintain the ‘family ethos’ of SIS Bona Vista.

Key Information

7 - 12 Years Old
Academic Programs:
  • Cambridge International Examinations
  • Singapore Curriculum
  • Library
  • Swimming Pool
  • Outdoor Field
  • Science Laboratory
  • Art Facilities
  • Music Studio
  • Computer Laboratory
  • Music Classes
  • Health Clinic
  • Foreign Languages
  • Physical Education
  • Cafeteria / In-School Dining