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High School


Targeted at expanding students’ learning experiences while consolidating a solid educational foundation, we prepare students for senior high school studies through the provisions of learning areas with increasing opportunities to specialise.

These educational opportunities are designed to help every student reach his or her potential, while the learning environment, staffed by professional teachers, continues to nurture each student’s special talents.

AIS High school curriculum follows a guideline that defines essential and developmentally appropriate skills at each level of schooling. Teachers also set expected standards through integrated assessment designed to monitor individual student progress.

Our teachers are constantly organising and updating content while maintaining to ensure the highest pedagogical standards.

With an international outlook in teaching, our educators have the adaptability and skills needed to commit to delivering the core subjects of a comprehensive high school Australian curriculum.

Key Information

Academic Programs:
  • Australian Curriculum
  • Art Facilities
  • Computer Laboratory
  • Indoor Sports Hall
  • Library
  • Science Laboratory
  • Swimming Pool
  • Cafeteria / In-School Dining
  • Foreign Languages
  • Health Clinic
  • Music Classes
  • Physical Education