Finding and deciding on the right school for your children can be a daunting task for parents, especially if you happen to just arrive in a new city. NOW! Study aims to provide parents with a complete directory of top schools in Indonesia, along with the information - academic and otherwise - that are key decision-making factors when it comes to choosing a school.

There are many amazing schools in Indonesia, but of course each provides a different learning and social experience for children. Parents too will want to find an academic journey that they feel suits their children’s needs - and futures - the best.

By providing a comprehensive breakdown of each school, including language, academic programs, services and facilities, NOW! Study will help you accurately filter down to the most fitting institution.

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International Schools in Indonesia

Under the regulations of Indonesia’s Ministry of Education rules, schools in Indonesia are no longer allowed to be termed ‘international’.

If you are searching for international schools in Indonesia, the best are still listed here, simply without the word ‘international’ in their name. Standards and facilities, however, continue to be at the level expected from an international school.

Choosing the right school

Parents should first decide key factors before searching.

What primary language do you want your children to learn in?
Is there a certain national curriculum or academic program you want your children to enrol in? Or perhaps certain examination programs (SATS, GCSE’s) that your children will need for their future?
Does distance from home make a big different when choosing a school?
Does uniform matter to you?

All of the above factors will help you to filter down the right school for your child, and are factors you can choose from in our Search School tab. Every school’s profile is complete with as much information as possible, including breakdown’s of every Education Stage.

Open Days or community events are also a great opportunity for parents to familiarise themselves intimately with a school experience, watch out for any upcoming events in the Bulletin Board.

The search for schools in Indonesia should be an easy and efficient process; this is what we promise here at NOW! Study.

For any enquiries, either as a parent or as a school, please feel free to Contact Us directly.