Date Published: 2020/01/15 , Author: Binus School Serpong

Welcome back to school, students! Happy New Year to everyone! 😊 Today we held our first Flag Raising Ceremony for 2020. As expected, the students gathered in the courtyard early. Ms. Elsie, our principal had a very important message on Climate Crisis.

As we know, last December 31st and January 1st, a record-breaking rainfall hit Jakarta & its neighboring cities Tangerang & Banten which caused widespread flooding. We need to have a closer look on how, we, climate change & urbanization have contributed to the problem. We need to come up with long-term solutions to these issues.

So Ms. Elsie proposed some actions to be done:

  1. Use a cloth bag to place items in, not plastic.
  2. Use the sachet bag or waterproof bags to put your wet swimming suits after your swimming class in school or anywhere.
  3. In the supermarket or market, you can use a Tupperware to put the fruits & veggies which you want to buy. Or use kardus, paper boxes as container.
  4. Take short showers so you don’t waste much water.
  5. Use a glass of water when brushing your teeth. Don’t leave the tap on.
  6. Follow the rules we have put in the cafeteria,
    A) to bring your own utensils on the non-use of plastic straws, Styrofoam. Use your own stainless straws & utensils (like these). Bring them with you all the time to use when you eat in school or at restaurants. You can purchase them at the Business Centre.
    B) Use your own lunch boxes where food can be placed, if you want to buy food from there.
    C) Switch off lights when not in use & recycle papers.

We need to save and love our earth. We already know the solutions, we just need to act now. Let’s fight the climate crisis, BINUSIANS!